August 11th, 2020

KNOW Identity Digital Roundtables are centered around disruptive discourse and open dialogue, to create actionable, innovative solutions to pressing industry problems.

Join us on the second Tuesday of every month, to unite with a curated group of industry leaders and future-focused thinkers to ultimately create the future of business.

KNOW Identity August Digital Roundtable

Topic: Scaling your Identity Program for the Next Billion Users

Nascent national digital identity programs, growing consumer and regulatory data privacy demands, and peaking mobile device penetration rates are driving fundamental shifts in the digital identity landscape, set to impact every sector of the global economy. Join One World Identity, executives, and investors from across industries for a deep-dive into how organizations are positioning themselves to tackle the key strategic challenges of leveraging digital identity at scale now, and in the future.




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  • Tuesday 11, August


KNOW Identity Digital Roundtable events give identity professionals and leading organizations a platform to unite and spark an open dialogue about specific problems and solutions. OWI Principals will moderate and facilitate the flow of discussions, but the majority of content will be in town hall format in separate virtual breakout rooms. You’ll be able to interact with attendees directly: asking questions, sharing ideas and gleaning insights live. Therefore, the agenda is largely set by you, as you build trusted connections with peers!

The session will begin with our OWI moderator welcoming attendees and introducing the role digital identity plays today and moving into the next wave. This will lead to two simultaneous breakout sessions, structured for 20-minutes each focusing on two unique subtopics.

The two breakout sessions will then be directed back into the main group discussion lead by the OWI moderator for a recap and quick recess. Upon return from the break, the next discussion will begin, which will again lead to simultaneous breakout sessions. This process will occur 3 times throughout the roundtable discussion. 

Following the live event, OWI will publish a whitepaper detailing the key findings and takeaways from the sessions, as well as acknowledging the participants. The whitepaper will not attribute direct quotes to any individuals to encourage open, candid discussion.