How To Protect Against Chargebacks and Fraud in Today’s Environment

As businesses pivot to quickly adjust to new digital trends and market demand, fraud losses can skyrocket. Chargebacks from criminal and friendly fraud have an immediate financial impact on business; they lower profits, increase operational expenses and, in some cases, can force businesses into excessive dispute monitoring programs. Getting ahead of chargebacks and fraud is critical.

Sean Desruisseaux
Group Product Manager

Scott Adams
CEO & Founder
Fraud PVP

From Posts to Purchases: User-Generated Content Lessons Learned

As the worlds of social media and eCommerce continue to collide, managing user-generated content across platforms continues to grow in importance. Join experts from Genpact, and leading digital platforms, as they unpack how enterprises are tackling the challenges of moderating user-generated content from posts and reviews, to photographs and comment sections.

Joseph Gillespie
Founder & President, riskCanvas, a Genpact Company

Donald Hicks
Vice President, Global Operations & Consumer Experiences

Brian Lynch
Moderator of Reddit’s IAMA Forum and IP Attorney
Lynch LLP

Why Identity is Key to Increasing Customer Engagement and Protecting Against Data Breaches

Identity is core to successfully increasing customer engagement and protecting customers against breaches of their data and privacy, so why do most marketers overlook it? You can’t personalize campaigns to customers or protect their privacy if you don’t know who they are – or in other words, if you can’t pinpoint a unified customer identity across channels, devices, and platforms. Learn to reshape the way you think about identity so that you can streamline and improve customer experiences like registration, while simultaneously safeguarding your customers, your company, and your brand.

Danielle Kucera
Senior Product Marketing Manager