The Future of Digital Health and Patient Identity

Cameron D’Ambrosi continues the conversation with industry veterans. Expect 45-minutes of expert predictions, tales of past launch failures, and how to succeed in improving patient identity processes.

Andre Boysen (SecureKey Technologies)
Cameron D’Ambrosi (One World Identity)
Grace Lee (Health Enovations)
Richard Dick (TractusMed)
Rodrigo Martinez (AZUL)

Flattening the Curve with Digital Identity

Cyberus Labs Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Technology Officer shares how IoT cybersecurity principles can be applied towards solving the most pressing public health challenge facing society today: how to responsibly begin to re-open the economy without creating COVID-19 infection risk.

Cameron D’Ambrosi (One World Identity)
Jack Wolosewicz (Cyberus Labs)

Solving Identity Proofing Challenges in the Telemedicine Era

With COVID-19 propelling adoption of telemedicine to new highs, how to quickly, accurately, and seamlessly proof patient (and doctor) identities remains a stumbling block. Hear from a panel of leading experts as they discuss the technologies and techniques being brought to bear in bringing remote medicine at scale to patients across the country.

Cameron D’Ambrosi (One World Identity)
Catherine Schulten (AllClear ID)
David Norris (Element3 Health)
Seema Pandya (Eversana)