Identity and the Digital Content Value Chain

User-Generated Content (UGC) lends authenticity to online marketplaces; however, when a company’s brand is left in the hands of its users, the risks can be devastating. Content abuse, from fake listings to hate speech, is a growing concern for companies protecting their customers’ interests and their bottom line. What are the entry points that introduce malicious UGC into online ecosystems? What are organizations doing to rid toxicity from their platforms? This session explores the highly specialized attacks propelling misinformation and the ways organizations can successfully prevent trolls from damaging brand reputation and profitability.

Jenna Pilgrim (Streambed Media)

The Stuff that Trust is Made of: Managing Consumer Expectations

Trust is the essential foundation to feel safe in any relationship, whether personal, professional or even financial. Without Trust & Safety, it all falls apart. For digital platforms, in particular, ensuring user trust in the accuracy and integrity of their platform remains a fundamental challenge.

This panel is all about building trust into the user experience. Industry experts will come together to discuss tales of past launch failures, what decisions went well, and future predictions. The conversation will also explore how are unicorn marketplaces managing expectations while maintaining platform integrity. Understand how managing this balance is more possible than ever, with perspectives from trust & safety innovators.

Chris Stegner (Very Big Things)
Marco Piovesan (InfoMart)
Nguyen Nguyen (Adara)
Stephanie Olsen (Netflix)

The War on Fake Content: Understanding the Nature of Fake Reviews for Savvier Fraud Prevention

Today’s headlines are ripe with data breaches and fraud attempts, but fraud goes far beyond stealing identities and payment information. Sift Trust & Safety Architect Kevin Lee reveals why spammy content is the fastest-growing type of fraud, with 50% of businesses expecting content abuse to increase over the next 12 months, taking a massive toll on customer loyalty and affecting both revenues and growth.

Over recent years, the growing threat of fake reviews forced the FTC to launch its first ever case challenging paid fake reviews on websites. Consumer perceptions and feelings towards fake reviews highlight risks of brand abandonment and the potential to suffer long term revenue loss.

Despite growing concerns over fake reviews, many businesses still heavily rely on reviews as a key search differentiator. Business need to smarten up. They need to evolve and adopt new strategies that protect their users, how to identify fake content, and take a proactive defensive approach.

Kevin Lee (Sift)

Stranger Danger: Life or Death Data Science

As children, we were educated never to trust strangers. Today, companies across the sharing and gig economies are fundamentally revolutionizing the way we assess, measure, and mitigate risk both in the offline and online worlds. Successfully identifying both fraudsters and malicious actors from good users lies at the heart of the modern sharing economy platform. Yet, these determinations must often be made without the benefit of deterministic data or face-to-face identity proofing. Learn how data scientists from leading platforms and marketplaces are tackling these challenges head-on with a combination of innovative technologies and new data sets.

Liz Loewy (Eversafe)
Travis Jarae (One World Identity)
Yinglian Xie (Datavisor)