The New Normal: Modern Identity Approaches in Response to Changing Times

Digital identity is at an exciting moment, in line with sea changes in consumer expectations for approachable, equitable government services. In this panel, you’ll uncover how modern identity approaches can improve shared services, facilitate remote identity proofing, reduce identity theft, and more – all while promoting privacy and equity across diverse American communities.

– Sarah Chu, Manager, Cybersecurity, Easy Dynamics Corp.
– Philip Lam, Executive Director of Identity Technology Transformation Services, U.S. General Services Administration
– Juliet “Jules” Okafor, Chief Engagement Officer, RevolutionCyber
– Mansi Thakar, Chief Operating Officer, Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu

Building for Inclusion: Public Private Partnerships

“I think that the technological wave that is coming, no one can stop that. The question is, what regions of the world are going to dominate the new telehealth, internet 3.0, digitalization of organizations, and the new bank model?”

In this fireside chat, David McCourt, gives an in-depth look into his work to bring broadband to every single home in Ireland, and his strategic approach to building successful public-private partnerships.

David McCourt, Chairman and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital and Chairman of National Broadband Ireland

Stopping Fraud at the Front Door: Protecting Prosperity and Privacy with Better Digital Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore alarming gaps in public sector adoption of technologies that could better protect Americans’ access to critical services and information. Right now, we are facing a reality where the very government that regulates identity and customer information programs for banks suffers from not employing those same digital ID and fraud prevention innovations internally. In this session, we discuss and effortlessly apply lessons from the financial sector, and how to prevent fraud attacks at scale in that industry. We will connect the dots between rampant identity-based fraud schemes, massive data breaches, private sector best practices, and protecting citizen privacy and data security.

Annie C. Bai, Senior Counsel & Privacy Lead, Socure
Erick Soto, VP of Product, Socure


The Evolution of Background Screening & Identity Services – How Government Can Deploy New Capabilities to Support Their Mission

In this session, we explore how government and businesses can use identity and background screening services to fill critical roles in an increasingly competitive hiring environment, with special emphasis on best practices, and a compelling glimpse at the direction identity and screening is headed in the time of COVID and beyond.

Taylor Liggett, General Manager, Sterling Identity, Sterling
Brian Williams, General Manager, Government, Sterling