ID Score® Synthetic

ID Score Synthetic evaluates synthetic identity risk base on personal information asserted on an application. The solution targets the fundamental issue of synthetic identity – legitimacy. All forms of synthetic identity are subject to the question of identity legitimacy and in answering this question. ID Score Synthetic provides a predictive identity assessment which helps enterprises identify a wide-range of synthetic identity fraud. Designed for enterprises who view, and wish to tackle, synthetics as an identity fraud problem.

Worldview: Your One-Stop Identity Verification Resource

Global Data Consortium cloud-based platform, Worldview, provides a single API integration that allows businesses to verify customer identities utilizing best-in-class international data sets. Without Worldview, millions of identities would live in disparate systems, making it nearly impossible to access them efficiently. Worldview allows our clients and partners to access this data from a single resource.

Worldview provides our customers with identity data (such as consumer identity, business identity, consumer contact information, and age verification) from multiple countries via one single source for instant global identity verification. This is critical for any multinational organization to prevent fraud and theft, and to comply with a host of regulatory challenges. Our service was built to help companies across a variety of industries to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

Our cloud-based solution is easily accessible, frequently updated, always expanding, and available in real-time to provide the best match rates possible.

Grow Your Business Without the Fear of Identity Fraud

In today’s digital world, can you really trust that anyone is who they say they are? Ipsidy transforms identity management with a global identity as a service platform and secure facial biometric solutions that drive assurance and digital trust across the customer lifecycle. This demonstration illustrates how Ipsidy’s Proof and Verified mobile solutions provide real-time identity certainty during digital onboarding and for valued transactions. Ipsidy can help you grow your business without the fear of identity fraud.

Kount Command Demo

The Leading eCommerce Fraud Prevention Solution
Kount Command is an award-winning, AI-driven fraud protection solution that is trusted by more than 6,500 companies to reduce digital payments fraud, protect against chargebacks, and deliver personalized customer experiences.

Innovative Applications of Alternative Data Across the Customer Lifecycle

From Fintech to eCommerce there are challenges related to growth, efficiency and risk that can be overcome with alternative data.  Until now, automated access to utility and telecom bill data at scale has been challenging. This demonstration illustrates how Urjanet is able to link you to your customers’ utility accounts and deliver data and bill images directly from their service providers on-demand. Innovative applications of this data includes KYC, credit risk assessment, address/owner-occupancy verification, PPP loan forgiveness and more.

Spycloud: Consumer Account Takeover Prevention

Detect and remediate stolen passwords before bad actors have a chance to use them. At the point of login, SpyCloud checks your consumers’ credentials against the largest repository of recovered breach assets in the world. If they have appeared in a data breach, the user can be forced to reset their password or sent through a step-up authentication path, without adding unnecessary friction. Product teams also leverage our dark web data API to enhance their consumer account monitoring, and many credential monitoring services are powered by SpyCloud data.