Advanced Analytics for Dissolving Data Silos

February 9, 2021


In this new era of digitalization, organizations need full access to data, and quick action in order to be successful in their fight against fraud. Simply having access to data is not enough. Understanding that data, where it came from, and how it is being consumed is now taking the lead in exposing the massive problem lurking within most organizations – data silos. These disjointed data collections can breed inefficient internal practices as well as open the door for fraud and compliance risks. OWI and SAS Institute invite you to this interactive discussion on the problems being faced and how machine-enabled technologies can enable secure, organized, and digestible company data analytics.

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Travis Jarae (M)
Founder & CEO
One World Identity
Cameron D'Ambrosi (M)
Managing Director
One World Identity
John Watkins
Advisory Industry Consultant, Fraud
SAS Institute
Kim Hamilton Duffy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kim Kuster
Sr. Business Consultant, Global Security Intelligence Practice
SAS Institute
Pranav Khanna
Capital One


12:00 PM
Spinning the Silo Web: Risks of Inconsistent Internal Data

, Panel

Executives and their teams are constantly innovating and improving their products and services. As these business models adapt and expand, identity silos are oft created outside of centralized identity management systems. These silos can be generated inadvertently within the same company, multiplying as new business units collect and store duplicative customer information. It’s not uncommon for a company to accumulate hundreds of these unique data silos. This scenario opens the company up to a significant liability across nearly every business function. In this session, you’ll hear why this is such a common occurrence for large and small companies and its importance to resolve.

12:30 PM
Breakout Session

, Discussion

1:00 PM
Where to Begin: Breaking Down Silos through Advanced Analytics

, Panel

Once identified, leaders need to not just tear down silos but strategically work with data where it resides in order to effectively investigate and eliminate potential fraud. Once the data is secured and available for analysis opportunities are abound for better insights-driven decision making. Leveraging tools like advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning is the key to achieve this success and to improve fraud analytics programs. During this discussion, you’ll hear how technology can advance fraud analytics and improve customer interactions with brands.

1:30 PM
Breakout Session

, Discussion

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