Dissolving Organizational Silos

May 11, 2021

12 PM ET


Fraud and the Customer Experience are truly entwined from an organizational standpoint, this is often thought of as diametrically opposed, but that’s old-school thinking. OWI and SAS Institute invite you to this interactive discussion highlighting the technology needed to make the collaboration work. Through deep-dive discussions and breakout sessions, we’ll find the common ground between the mar-tech stack and the typical fraud stack, focusing on CDP-like technology.

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Travis Jarae (M)
Founder & CEO
One World Identity
Cameron D'Ambrosi (M)
Managing Director
One World Identity
Suhas Manangi
Senior Manager - Product, Account Takeover
Lisa Loftis
Principal Product Marketer CI
SAS Institue
Thomas French
Advisor and Industry Consultant, Fraud and Payments
SAS Institute


12 PM ET
I Say Tomato – You Say Tomahto: Breaking Down the Fraud/CX Silo’s for an Exceptional Customer Experience

, Panel

The loyalty and trust that make up great customer experiences are infused into the customer journey even before a prospect becomes a customer. This continues to build through the brand’s narrative — the sum total of everything a brand does that the consumer can see, hear, or experience, (before, during, and after any one purchase, interaction, or engagement). In this context, everything means Everything and yet the Fraud and CX relationship is often disconnected at best to adversarial at worst; with perceived differences ranging from objectives (keep the customer happy versus minimize risk and fraud) to leadership. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This session will explore how Fraud and CX should work together from an organizational standpoint – how to break down the organizational silos that impede collaboration, characteristics of good leaders from both sides, successes that have come from positive collaboration.

12:30 PM ET
Breakout Session

, Townhall

Participants will break off into small group discussions.

1:00 PM ET
Finding Common Ground – Tech Enablers for CX and Fraud

, Panel

In a study on how technology will impact the future of CX, Futurum Research concluded that agility and extreme automation will become the twin pillars of customer experience, allowing brands to deliver on promises they’ve made and meet the expectations of the consumer. While focused on CX, this prediction is equally applicable to Fraud. Regardless of whether we are delivering on brand promises for experience or detecting and preventing fraud - we require a level of speed, scale, and intelligence in our technology that is unprecedented. Add to that the complexity of the technology environment (there are 8,000 vendors spread across six categories in the martech environment alone) and it becomes clear that collaboration opportunities between Fraud and CX occur not only organizationally but also across technologies. This session will explore those opportunities, comparing and contrasting the technologies required across both and highlighting the common ground.

1:30 PM ET
Breakout Session

, Townhall

Participants will break off into small group discussions.

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