Fraud Prevention and Beyond

Digital Forum

April 20, 2021


The digital revolution is here and is requiring companies to prepare, execute, and comply with customer expectations. With consistent evolution comes additional gateway points for fraudsters who too are transforming and adapting quickly during this digital era. Tune in to our roadmap to digital success – learn how to address multiple global regulations while stopping fraud.

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Cameron D'Ambrosi
Managing Director
One World Identity
Tony Fitzgibbon
Data Zoo
Memoona Anwar
Head of Compliance and Digital Strategy
Data Zoo
Fraud Prevention and Beyond

, Panel

Today, the exponential digital growth is forcing organizations to adapt their solutions to meet new customer expectations and needs. In an environment that is rapidly changing, organizations need to constantly update and maintain best practices and consistency when it comes to fraud prevention. Hear from Data Zoo CEO Tony Fitzgibbon and Head of Compliance & Digital Strategy Memoona Anwar for their expertise and insights on this panel discussion moderated by OWI's Cameron D'Ambrosi.


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