It's Good to Hear Your Voice Biometrics

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January 12, 2021


In this interview with voice biometrics veteran Matt Whipple, tune in to learn how voice biometrics are being deployed across call centers and additional use cases to combat fraud and other noninvasive authentication techniques are being seamlessly incorporated into the user experience. Hear it here first and register now!

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Travis Jarae (M)
Founder & CEO
One World Identity
Matt Whipple
Senior Vice President of Global Sales - Biometrics, Authentication and Fraud
It's Good to Hear Your Voice Biometrics
12 PM

, Fireside Chat

Physical features identify users and are unique to each person, but few hold the exclusivity of one’s voice. Advancements in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications allow individuals to claim their identity by enrolling in a voiceprint -- enabling organizations to verify the speaker on the other end of the phone line. Better yet, voice-based detection tools are changing the way companies and call centers can help mitigate fraud. How are multimodal biometrics doing away with annoying knowledge-based authentication questions? In this fireside chat, learn how advanced biometrics are enhancing the user experience while also upholding secure authentication.

Speakers: Matt Whipple, LumenVox

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