IDIoT Proofing the Identity of Things

Digital Forum

October 6, 2020


Not only people need digital identities! Things, including internet-enabled devices or bots, also can interact with us through digital channels as well as other inanimate objects. Join IoT expert David Birch as he explains how these connections need to be monitored to maintain privacy and recognize the technological capabilities of these objects.

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Cameron D'Ambrosi
Principal, Advisory Services
One World Identity
David Birch
Global Ambassador
Consult Hyperion
The Future is Full of IDIoTs

, Fireside Chat

Against the typical push towards the future that we have seen all decade, we seem to be losing ground in the battle of intelligence regarding digital identification. Those responsible for “fighting the good fight” are seeking out alternative ways to make progress in this digitized era. We have perfected building relationships with one another as people, and even the relationships with the bots we have created; it is time for those bots do the same. The solution lies within digital identification, and the differences amongst the systems that have outperformed our expectations. Hear from Dave Birch, author of "Will Robots need Passports?," as he shows us how to exist in this new world of recognition, relationships and reputations, and how we need some form of digital identity.

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