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December 1, 2020


This stacked lineup will dive into how knowing your customer has expanded from a previously banking-focused issue to now a process that is critical to healthcare and other industries. Our experts will also share innovation insights on optimizing document verification and the importance of investing in digital transformation to prevent fraud. Register today to hear from industry experts like Jumio, Microblink and TeleSign!

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Travis Jarae (M)
Founder & CEO
One World Identity
Philipp Pointner
Chief Product Officer
Jason Aspinwall
Director of Engineering/AIT/Digital Group
Advent Health
Franklin Garrigues
Vice President
TD Bank
Izet Ždralović
Managing Director
Pranav Khanna
Vice President, Identity Services
Capital One
Dusan Bosnjakovic
Manager of Data Science
Stacy Stubblefield
Co-Founder/Chief Innovation Officer
That "X" Factor: Cross-Industry Applications of KYX

, Panel

With companies needing to adapt quickly to remote verification requirements accelerated by COVID-19, transformation of digital customer onboarding has become essential to building online trust and security. Industries such as banking, healthcare, and telecom need to streamline identity verification (IDV) while knowing their customers, patients, users, or whomever their "X" (KYX). Learn how recent advancements in IDV and proofing solutions are orchestrating improved user experiences while also enabling trusted interactions and preventing fraud.

12:40 PM EDT
Product Spotlight: Jumio

, Demo

12:50 PM EDT
A Picture is Worth 1,000 Extracted Words

, Panel

Opening a bank account, applying for a loan, or simply checking in to a hotel is exciting. Filling all your personal information by hand, not so much. In a race to optimize document verification, the winner should be the consumer. As identity verification via mobile device becomes the new norm, companies continue to grapple with the balance between platform security and seamless user experience. In this session, we'll explore why remote onboarding strategies fail and how identity document scanning plays a part in creating efficient and memorable digital user experiences.

1:20 PM EDT
Product Spotlight: Microblink

, Demo

1:30 PM EDT
Learning the Machine

, Panel

It is crucial for technology companies to port enough resources and investments into data integrity and security. Digitizing sensitive information and authenticating it to prevent fraud and damaging exposure is essential in today’s digital world. Enhancing protections through machine learning even allows businesses to reduce fraudulent accounts, streamline processes and uniquely identify their users. In this session we will dive into the value of digital transformation and how embracing machine learning can be used to prevent fraud and the crystal ball predictions for data in 2021.

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