March Madness: Investing in Identity

State of Identity Forum

March 30, 2021


Join the March State of Identity Forum where we will assess Okta’s acquisition of Auth0, highlight the rise of NFTs as an emerging market and discuss SPACs. Hear from Travis Jarae, Cameron D’Ambrosi, and David Fields as they dive deep into what you need to know.

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Travis Jarae
One World Identity
David Fields
PTB Ventures
Cameron D'Ambrosi
Managing Director
One World Identity
Johnny Ayers
Founder & CEO
12:00 PM EDT
The Game That Changed It All

, Panel

Okta will acquire Auth0 in a stock transaction valued at approximately $6.5 billion. These companies share a vision of enabling safe technology use for everyone and potentially changing the game for identity on the internet. We will cover the near-term impacts and possible longer-term shifts.

Game-changers are also taking the crypto world by storm - this time in the form of Non-fungible tokens (NFT). These are cryptographic assets stored on the blockchain via smart contract codes and metadata that distinguish them from one another. What started as a game of virtual cats (geared toward early adopter crypto-enthusiasts) is now the next great investment frontier. For those buying NFTs, ownership is protected and undeniable - as the owner's data becomes part of the blockchain. What's the future have in store for people purchasing everything from digital sports memorabilia to licensed tweets?

And finally, we're talking special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and their recent rise in popularity. What are the benefits and drawbacks to SPACs in the digital identity space and what are the impacts from wider adoption of their use? Tune in to find out!

1:00 PM ET
Cross-Vertical Conversations with Identity’s Top Draft Pick

, Fireside Chat

In this candid fireside chat, OWI Managing Director Cameron D'Ambrosi and Johnny Ayers, CEO at Socure share firsthand insight into the latest headlines of Socure’s blockbuster Series D round. The duo will also dive into the challenges businesses outside of the financial services sphere are facing as they become entrenched in digital commerce, different cross-vertical identity opportunities, and why these experts believe it’s the "next frontier”.

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