Lessons Learned from Marketers on Identity Graphs for Risk Management

Digital Forum

November 3, 2020


Shifting consumer attitudes towards data privacy, the impending extinction of the cookie, and shifts in consumer behaviors are fundamentally changing the marketing landscape as we know it. You’ll walk away with the most up-to-date learnings on the impact privacy has on both brands and customers, user experience, and how digital identity is becoming the central driving force in digital marketing.

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Travis Jarae (M)
Founder & CEO
One World Identity
Brian Silver
Brad Davis
Brandy Walsh
Data Ethics Privacy Attorney
Brian Burke
VP of Product
Infutor Data Solutions
Jenna Pilgrim
Co-Founder & CEO
Streambed Media
Chris Harrison
Will the Cookie Monster Crumble Quality Marketing?

, Panel

Cookies: oft-maligned, yet critical to providing the algorithmically-tailored recommendations demanded by modern consumers. Google and Apple are cranking down on third-party use of deterministic and probabilistic cookies data, posing a devastating threat to the viability of digital advertising. Will the death of cookies as we know them deal a fatal blow to user experience? Learn how enterprises across industries are preparing for this groundbreaking shift away from cookies and repositioning their business models to steward consent-based user experiences in a mobile-first world.

12:40 PM EDT
MASTER CLASS: Privacy and the Science of Anonymized Data

, Master Class

Data-driven business models enable personalized customer experiences across virtually every industry. As the pendulum swings towards privacy-preserving data acquisition, companies are forced to reevaluate how they learn about their customers without exploiting individual and personally identifiable information. New privacy frameworks such as differential privacy are helping organizations mask identifiable information into anonymized data. In this session, you'll learn what it takes to deliver data privacy without negatively impacting the user experience.

1:20 PM EDT
Don't Track Me Bro' - The Future of Identity Graphing

, Panel

Marketers rely on engaging the right customer, with the right message, at the right time, and 96% of marketers say identity resolution is their most important asset. The evolving data privacy landscape, however, is set to fundamentally shift how companies work with personal data and is expected to have an outsized impact on the field of identity graphing and identity resolution. With the use of probabilistic data sets continuing to expand from core marketing use cases to trust & safety applications, what does the future hold for successfully identifying users across devices? Learn how identity graph providers and their clients are adjusting to an uncertain landscape in the face of both regulatory and technological headwinds.

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