May State of Identity Forum: Consumer Identity Landscape

State of Identity Forum

May 20, 2021

12:00 PM ET

Join Travis Jarae, Cameron D’Ambrosi and Dave Fields as they talk through predictions, technology to watch, investing in identity and consumer identity game-changers.

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Travis Jarae
One World Identity
Cameron D'Ambrosi
Managing Director
One World Identity
David Fields
PTB Ventures
Dr. Gilad L. Rosner
Internet of Things Privacy Forum
Ross Nodurft
Executive Director, Cybersecurity Services
Venable LLP
12:00 PM ET
Consumer Identity Landscape


Sit down with OWI's CEO Travis Jarae, Managing Director Cameron D'Ambrosi, and PTB Ventures Partner David Fields as they discuss the evolving market landscape with the industry's latest deals, what companies are going to be winners and losers in the new consumer digital identity paradigm, and future predictions. Hear insights from Ross Nodurft and Dr. Gilad Rosner about the latest cybersecurity executive order with its impact on the broader identity space. We will cover the latest privacy push from Apple and the possible use of privacy as an anti-competitive cudgel.

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