Preventing eCommerce Fraud with Identity Trust

March 9, 2021


Join OWI and partner Kount for a day of solution-focused discussions on how digital identity is helping identify and eliminate fraud online. Discuss with other industry experts how organizations are utilizing new technologies to create new efficiencies and improve experiences for consumers. Apply today to share your own experience and knowledge in this interactive event format! The roundtable will culminate into a whitepaper post-Roundtable.

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Travis Jarae (M)
Founder & CEO
One World Identity
Cameron D'Ambrosi (M)
Managing Director
One World Identity
Vik Dhawan
VP of Product
Lei Han
Digital Experience Leader - Private Banking & Wealth
Silicon Valley Bank
Rich Stuppy
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Scott Adams
VP of Friendly Fraud
Michael Gramz
EVP, Chief Risk Officer and Board Director
YapStone International, LTE.
Chris Larryant
Director, Business Development


12:00 PM EST
Fraudspotting: Detecting Account Takeover Attempts

, Panel

In eCommerce, digital accounts are the bedrock of customer experience and loyalty. And they also hold immense value – both for customers and businesses. That’s why account takeover attacks are so dangerous: they can damage a brand and open businesses to liability. How can companies stop account takeover without adding too much friction? How do they solve for specific threats? And what are the needed layers of effective protection?


  • Vik Dhawan (Kount)
  • Lei Han (Silicon Valley Bank)
12:30 PM EDT
Breakout Session

, Discussion

12:40 PM EST
Consumer Crunch: Safely Scaling eCommerce Transactions

, Panel

2020 brought an explosion of eCommerce to the market. Under immense pressure from consumers, businesses upended their sales strategies to focus on digital channels. And fraud followed that trend. As businesses begin to form new long-term strategies, their ability to scale and adapt will be paramount. This discussion will examine the emerging trends in eCommerce fraud. And we’ll explore how to prepare for and adapt to sudden changes in consumer habits while reducing risk.


  • Rich Stuppy (Kount)
  • Michael Gramz (YapStone International, LTE.)
1:00 PM EST
Breakout Session

, Discussion

1:20 PM EST
Fighting Fair: Identifying & Preventing Friendly Fraud

, Panel

Friendly fraud is a simple term for a tangled knot of problems. That’s because it usually involves customers, and sometimes valuable customers. Friendly fraud also covers an array of tactics, such as in-flight refunds and policy abuse. And it can be intentional or accidental. To keep good customers and stop chargebacks, we’ll discuss how businesses can adopt an effective post-payment approach. Plus, we’ll explore strategies to prevent various types of friendly fraud and ways to automate and scale the process.


  • Scott Adams (Kount)
  • Chris Larryant (Ethoca)
1:40 PM EST
Breakout Session

, Discussion

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