Riding the Digital Wave to Identity Investing

January 26, 2021


Whether you’re an entrepreneur preparing to raise capital or in the early stage identity investing, you’ll want to hear from investors and founders leading the charge across cybersecurity, identity, and IoT. Dive into 2021 armed with insights and predictions for the digital identity ecosystem!

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Travis Jarae (M)
Founder & CEO
One World Identity
Cameron D'Ambrosi
Managing Director
One World Identity
Eric Woodward
Senior Advisory Board
One World Identity
Irene Hernandez
Founder & CEO
The 2021 Identity Landscape

, Master Class

Join CEO Travis Jarae and Managing Director Cameron D'Ambrosi as we launch the 2021 OWI Identity Landscape, an extensive and holistic view of the solution segments that are transforming digital identity.

What’s unique about this year's landscape is the adoption of digital identity use cases from a largely secondary set of users: the consumer. In 2020, you couldn’t escape the pandemic’s impact, forcing enterprises, institutions, and governments to transform as employees worked from home, students learned online and patients received care from telemedicine providers. It’s a shift that moves the importance of digital identity - including privacy and security - from the backrooms of corporate offices and into people’s homes.

Hear what "Golden Cog" opportunities arise in an evolving digital identity frontier and how companies are positioned to elevate their products and services in the year to come.


  • Travis Jarae, OWI
  • Cameron D'Ambrosi, OWI
12:30 PM EDT
Investing Trends in Digital Identity: Movers and Shakers in 2021

, Fireside Chat

Tune in to this 1-1 interview lead by OWI’s Travis Jarae and guest Eric Woodward. Hear Eric’s journey as an entrepreneur, advisor, and investor, in and around financial technology companies. Hear their assessment of the digital identity investment market, including what positives and negatives to draw from the past fiscal year and how COVID-19 has brought permanent changes that require adjustments and modernization. We will dive into components needed to maximize the success of growth investments and where investors see new opportunities in the identity space for 2021. Uncover how companies and firms are re-positioning themselves and the new opportunities that lie ahead in the identity space that you can capitalize on.

Speaker: Eric Woodward

1:00 PM EDT
Decentralized Identity: The Nuts and Bolts of an Emerging Industry

, Demo

Gataca is a cybersecurity company that provides secure decentralized identity management technology. Helping issuers convert credentials into identity wallets for connectivity to digital services. In this Startup Spotlight hear how Gataca is combining open internet standards with postquantum cryptography to enable a secure, passwordless access to digital services.

Presenter: Irene Hernandez

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