Third Wave of Digital Identity All Stars

September 29, 2020


Whether you’re an entrepreneur preparing to raise capital or in the early stage identity investing, you’ll want to hear from investors and founders leading the charge across cybersecurity, identity, and IoT.

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Travis Jarae (M)
Founder & CEO
One World Identity
Kaarel Kotkas
Founder & CEO
Patrick Salyer
Riley Hughes
CEO & Co-founder
Ashish Modi
Head of Strategic Partnerships and M&A


Finding the Stars in Startups

, Fireside Chat

Listen live to hear from Ashish Modi in this fireside chat as we discuss his experience in leading NortonLifeLock's Head of Corporate Development. This session will hit on current trends seen in M&A and how the rise of COVID-19 has caused a shift in market directions, and of course we’ll be grabbing the crystal ball to ask his future predictions.

Startup Spotlight - Veriff

, Demo

Veriff is a global identity verification service company that offers online businesses to reduce fraud attempts and assisting regulatory compliance. The platform allows for a secure authentication, cross-platform technology that helps to detect fraud as well as helps any website or mobile application to verify drivers license, passport and other identities, enabling the commercial sectors to improve fraud prevention and compliance with KYC regulations. In this Startup Spotlight hear the steps Veriff is taking in identity verification and how the past 8 months has changed IDV and document verification forever.

12:45 PM EDT
Market Outlook: Insights from an Early-Stage Investor

, Fireside Chat

Tune in to hear Patrick Salyer of Mayfield discuss his expertise as both a CEO (Gigya) and an investor in identity. This one-on-one interview will cover his approach to evaluating companies for potential investment along with trends he is seeing in the landscape today.

1:15 PM EDT
Startup Spotlight - Trinsic

, Demo

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is an emerging market based on the concept of decentralizing all digital identity attributes to the user, such that individuals retain management of their digital identity. Trinsic is a verifiable credential and digital wallet platform based on open standards. This allows customers to use and store credentials anywhere they’re accepted and supported allowing for remote access with “zero-knowledge proof” technology. Trinsic believes SSI is becoming the new standard for digital trust, see why during this startup spotlight.

1:30 PM
Third Wave of Digital Identity All Stars

, Panel

Identity companies are nurturing some of the most influential technologies in today's global economy. Hear from Veriff & Trinsic founders on how they are changing the game for users when it comes to identity verification and how individuals are able to manage their own data.

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